The BSRIA 6th Edition Pre-commissioning Cleaning Guide Is Out- BG 29/2020 - What You Should Know

Comfort Services Group is a proud sponsor of the BSRIA 6th edition BG 29/2020 Application Guide. The 1st edition of the guide was created in 1991, to provide guidelines regarding pre-commissioning cleaning. Pre-commissioning cleaning, includes the flushing of heating and cooling pipework systems, as well as using biocides and other appropriate measures where needed, to prevent damage to systems. This document is updated continuously as the importance of pre-commissioning is better understood.

<p">We now know that serious operating issues can occur when systems are not pre-commissioned; presence of harmful bacteria in systems is becoming more common and there are always new British and European legal standards to abide by. At Comfort Services Group, we make sure our specialists are well-equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills outlined in these guides, in order to best help our clients determine their pre-commissioning needs.

The key takeaways from the 6th edition that you should know are as follows...