Andy Green becomes a Colchester Ambassador!

The Colchester Ambassadors are business leaders who believe passionately about the opportunities that Colchester presents to inward investors and relocating businesses as well as to existing organisations within the town.

With one of the fastest growing populations and economies in the UK, Colchester has a highly educated and skilled workforce and a pro-active, forward-thinking outlook.

The Colchester Ambassadors have identified four key opportunities that together make the town an unbeatable proposition: Creating capital in Colchester; A world-class knowledge borough; Embracing the enterpreneurial spirit;  No better place to live and work.

We are delighted to announce our director Andy becoming one of the ambassadors:


The aims of the Colchester Ambassadors’ Group are:

  1. To set out compelling differences so that Colchester stands out from competitor towns/cities, particularly in 50-mile ring around London.
  2. To set out statements on identity that show Colchester is an ambitious place for business.
  3. To describe how Colchester is a city by most criteria, even if not formally granted city status.
  4. To raise the profile of Colchester as a driver of economic growth.
  5. To embody values and emotion in the identity of Colchester.
  6. To inspire those inside and outside Colchester about its future.
  7. To result in a call-to-action. 

The Colchester Ambassadors will be well-informed to extol the virtues and qualities of Colchester as an engine of economic growth. Colchester Ambassadors will:

  • Seek opportunities to influence key stakeholders in their contribution to enhancing the economic impact of Colchester. 
  • Represent Colchester at strategic discussions with policy makers; funders; and bodies taking major decisions that affect the competitiveness of Colchester. 
  • Act as a sounding board for the identification of future opportunities and issues which will define Colchester as The Creative City of the future. 
  • Identify Calls-to-Action for Colchester, its partners, stakeholders and decision makers to improve and develop the well-being of citizens, workers and residents of Colchester.

The Ambassadors believe that if they can harness the collective ability of the Colchester Ambassadors then they can make a real difference in promoting Colchester nationally and internationally.  

Watch the Ambassadors’ videos at: http://www.colchesterambassadors.co.uk/ambassadors-videos/

More information about Colchester Ambassadors can be found at: