Cold Water Storage Tank Clean & Disinfection ACoP

Cold Water Storage Tank Clean & Disinfection ACoP

Cold water storage tanks are often out of sight and out of mind but yearly inspections and deep cleaning are an essential element of our service package, the image above shows black sediment and silt at the bottom of the tank and biofilm floating on the surface. These can be the perfect breeding ground for bacteria such as Legionella, e-coli and total viable count (tvc’s) and often suggest lack of water turnover.

Water Tank Cleaning
What a tank clean entails

We are completely aware that loss of service can be a major interruption to the building users and are flexible with working out of normal office hours to ensure minimal downtime to the building.

Works will consist of a complete drain down and deep surface clean, disinfection of the tank and complete distribution down service once completed. Everything will be in accordance to ACop L8 and HSG274 Part 2.

Completion certification will be electronically produced and emailed to the client.

What we bring to the project

Co-ordination and long term working with clients, we aim to get the water services back on line as quickly as possible every time.

Compliance Software

We host in-house compliance software to ensure all water hygiene treatment works are scheduled and completed on time, every time. All works are electronically hosted on our bespoke logbook portal, service visit reports are emailed out regually.

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