Boon Building Services
Project Location
Greater London
On-Going Project
Nature of Client End User Business

London Airport Terminals

Heathrow Terminal Case Study
What the Project Entailed

Works consisted of pre-flushing, chemical cleaning and dynamic flushing of the low temperature hot water and chilled water systems.

Pre-commissioning and balancing of primary, secondary, general and smoke ventilation systems and low temperature hot water and chilled water systems. Chlorination of domestic services. Staircase Pressurisation Systems.

Heathrow Airport Case Studies
Specialist Treatment

All water treatment chemicals used are own label, custom made to suit customer specificaions.

We used portable flushing rigs (on wheels) for ease and manual handling when doing small / local flushing works which saves time and increases efficiency.

Airport Water Treatment
What We Brought to the Job

Comfort Services Group Ltd have been providing water treatments services for over 4 years to Boon Building Services and their clients due to our expertise and knowledge.

Working at a high profile site like Heathrow means that health and safety comes first and this is considered a priority before any work is carried out.

We were able to advise on smoke extractions and staircase pressurisation systems. In addition we were able to advise on legionella monitoring, water treatment and flushing works relating to all of the terminals.

This project also meant that we had to be very flexible and adapt to plans at the last minute due to unsociable hours and difficult circumstances, which is very much part of our service.

This project is ongoing.

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