Twenty One Station Road

Twenty One Station Road

We were commissioned by Emcor Engineering Services to provide a full commissioning and water treatment package.

Twenty One Station Road is a major office development in Cambridge which forms part of the wider CB1 masterplan. The engineering systems are also low energy which meant the building achieved a BREEAM office 2008 ‘Excellent’ rating. The seven storey landmark building is now fully occupied by Microsoft ® Research as their head office.

Sustainability including green travel, environmental wellbeing and energy performance is at the heart of the building which had to deliver on floor plate requirements, low maintenance, thermal comfort and circulation of fresh air and daylight. It also required full reversion capabilities for future use and the ability to be split for multiple tenancies.

Emcor Engineering Services
Project Location
Cambridge, Cambs.
On-Going Project
Nature of Client End User Business

Commercial Offices

Twenty One Station Road Case Study
What the Project Entailed

The project consisted of pre-flushing, chemical cleaning and dynamic flushing of the low temperature hot water and chilled water systems for their modular offices, kitchen, meeting rooms and lecture theatre.

Pre-commissioning and balancing of the air and water systems was carried out and chlorination of domestic services. We fully flushed and commissioned the “shell and core” and then repeated the process and subsequently was awarded the “fit out” contract.

Specialist Treatment

There are approximately 360 4-pipe Ability fan coil units which are fully integrated into the building management system (BMS). These required careful commissioning and collaboration between ourselves, the BMS house and the manufacturer. The units have ePIV – electronic pressure independent valves, which are self-regulating.

All water treatment chemicals used are own label, custom made to suit customer specifications.

What We Brought to the Job

We have enjoyed a successful, long term relationship with Emcor which led us to being selected to carry out the specialist water treatments and consultancy work on this project because of our expertise and knowledge of building systems.

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