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Environmental Policy

Comfort Services Group Ltd

Environmental Policy


It is the policy of CSG Ltd to ensure that all aspects of its business activities, i.e. the provision of HVAC Commissioning, Water Quality Management & Legionella Risk Assessment Services, are conducted with due regard for the environment.


The Company believes that effective management of environmental issues is an ethical obligation and is good business practice. This is an integral part of our business strategy.


The controls and procedures implemented to achieve this include the following:


  • Being aware of, and complying with, all environmental legislation and any other compliance obligation that are relevant to the Company’s business activities.


  • Identifying the significant environmental aspects of our activities, ensuring these are monitored, and actions taken to reduce their impact on the environment, as far as are practical.


  • Taking all appropriate precautions to prevent pollution.


  • Conserving the use of material and energy resources, particularly any that are non-renewable.


  • Being sensitive to the environmental concerns of our business partners.


  • Adopting environmental objectives to continually improve our environmental performance to prevent pollution and monitor progress towards their achievement.


  • Requiring our contractors, and those suppliers that we can influence, to have due regard for the environment themselves and to acknowledge and comply with our policy and applicable procedures.


This Policy is reviewed annually. It is communicated to all members of staff and any contractors, or consultants working on our behalf.  It is also available to our Clients and the general public, on request or via our website.


Reviewed and authorised by:

Environmental Policy






Andy Green (Managing Director)