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Comfort Launches New Service

By recognising a need from our customers, Comfort Services Group can provide Design / Pre-Installation Legionella Risk Assessments. In essence we perform a desktop review to identify any potential areas of concern before the install commences. We have found that performing a risk assessment at the start of the project, identifies non-compliances which could have ended up being on a snagging list causing additional labour and materials cost. 

Companies who are designing and installing water services have the following requirements under L8: 

“Designers, manufacturers, importers, suppliers and installers of water systems that may create a risk of exposure to legionella bacteria, must: 

(a) ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that the water system is so designed and constructed that it will be safe and without risks to health when used at work; 

(b) provide adequate information for the user about the risk and measures necessary to ensure that the water systems will be safe and without risks to health when used at work. This should be updated in the light of any new information about significant risks to health and safety that becomes available, so that duty holders can ensure relevant changes are made to their risk assessment and controls.”

Therefore even if the contract is such that the building management are taking all responsibility for carrying out the Legionella risk assessment and control regime, the company installing the system still has an obligation to identify to the client areas of the system which require ongoing monitoring to control Legionella; and as such have identified that a risk assessment of the designs would then be a good way to do this.  

The only caveat to consider is that the assessments will only be as good as the information and drawings provided and these could vary as the project commences. We also need to be clear that this document would not count as the formal risk assessment for the building and once the project is complete a full Legionella risk assessment will still be required.

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