Comfort Services Awarded ISO 14001 Certification

What is ISO 14001 Environmental Management System?

ISO 14001 is the internationally recognised Environmental Management System bringing attention to those business aspects that have a considerable effect on the environment. It is a collection of standards and principles providing practical tools for companies and organisations looking to manage their environmental responsibilities.

An environmental management system can be applied to any business of any size to express the company’s commitments to continuing environmental issues both on a local and national scale.

What does it mean to Comfort Services Group Ltd and our Customers?

Having demonstrated that our Environmental practices are maintained at the highest level in various audits, Comfort Services Group Ltd is proud to announce getting ISO 14001 certified. The certification proves to our customers and colleagues that we are aware of our environmental obligations and are looking to manage and control our risks and environmental impact as appropriate.

ISO 14001 certification confirms that as an environmentally friendly business, Comfort has committed to the following:

  • achieving our environmental commitments 
  • meeting the environmental policy and legal requirements and 
  • committing to our social responsibilities

We believe that clients of Comfort Services Group Ltd will be pleased to have the added reassurance the certificate provides regarding our commitment to environmental issues.