Comfort supporting a Kilimanjaro climb for charity!

On 24th February 2018, Gillian Bowen will be climbing Kilimanjaro in Africa in support of a fantastic charity called Wooden Spoon. The climb to the top will take 8 days and will see the group sleeping in tents on the side of the mountain in temperatures as low as -20!

The Kilimanjaro challenge was set by Women With Drive who believe in inspiring women to succeed in the automotive industry by dreaming big and achieving goals. The aim of the challenge is to prove female strength and determination to the world.

Gillian’s Story:

Having been through some tough times, Gillian applied for the Kilimanjaro climb to show and prove to her kids that you can achieve anything in your life if you set your mind it, have courage, believe in yourself and work hard. Having faced another set back in recent months with the loss of her sister, this challenge will be Gillian’s focus with her sister in her heart and mind helping her to get to the top!

Gillian is also raising money and awareness about a charity called Wooden Spoon, which is the children’s charity of rugby. Their vision is “Through the power of rugby every child and young person, no matter what their background has access to the same opportunities”.

This is a real challenge physically and emotionally for Gillian as she has never done anything like this before. To support Gillian and her cause, anyone can donate at:

Gillian will be wearing one of our lovely red hats to help her keep warm and get to the top! Keep a look out for the fantastic pictures in the coming weeks.

Gillian, we wish you the best of luck, you are a true inspiration!