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Building Commissioning Services

Our Building Commissioning Services

Commissioning is an important aspect and critical to every project allowing both environmental and comfort expectations to be achieved.

Comfort Services Group Ltd regularly carry out work on a wide range of commissioning projects, ranging from HVAC validation and commissioning to air change rates and air tightness testing. Our highly skilled and experienced team of engineers can cater to your project’s needs, regardless of size, scope or the solutions needed. We can identify problems promptly and ensure that all work is completed on time, using a range of state-of-the-art testing equipment for our environmental monitoring services and air sampling services. We follow CIBSE and BSRIA codes of practice for every job we undertake and adhere to British Standards and CSA guidelines where appropriate.

Hands on Commissioning including testing & proportional balancing of Air & Water Systems

Commissioning is defined as ‘The advancement of an installation from the stage of static completion to working to specified requirements’ and follows a number of key stages, these being:

  • Static completion: This covers the state of the air and/or water system, ensuring it has been installed in accordance with required specifications, is clean and ready for setting to work.
  • Pre-commissioning checks: These specified, systematic checks ensure the completed air or water system is suitable for the commissioning process.
  • Setting to work: At this point the currently static water or air system is set into motion/turned on.

Comfort Services Group Ltd are fully conversant with balancing fluid flow rates through air and water distribution systems and have extensive knowledge of all types of air and water systems ranging from:

  • Variable to constant flow
  • Static pressure control
  • Fan Coil Units
  • ePIV – self-regulating electronic pressure independent valves
  • VAV and CAV boxes
  • Carrier Modulines including supply and installation of spare parts
  • Induction units
  • Life safety systems such as staircase pressurisation

All of our work is performed to CIBSE and BSRIA guidelines.

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Commissioning Services

Validation Services

We can validate your pre-existing air and water systems in commercial and domestic buildings that have either been refitted or substantially altered. We do this by compiling detailed test documentation against actual performance readings and are able to provide commissionability guidance and recommendations on possible adjustments in-line with your project brief.

We can also provide water chemistry and microbiological sampling services of closed LTHW (Low Temperature Hot Water), MTHW (Medium Temperature Hot Water), Condenser or Chilled Water circuits and domestic services for Legionella and potability. Ensuring your water system provides clean, safe, drinking quality water.

Our air and water validation services include ductwork swabs with full independent summary report via our network of UKAS accredited laboratories.

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Validation Services

Plant Proving, Environmental and Building Performance Testing

We offer main plant proving and building performance testing services for all building engineering systems. This testing provides detail on the systems current performance levels, through detailed analysis these can be reviewed against original design and commissioning data. Our highly skilled engineers can provide unique test documentation to satisfy any testing requirement on a system and our testing can include the following services:

Thermal imagery is often a very useful way of identifying performance issues, not only is this methodology quick but is non-intrusive, photographic records are taken as standard and form part of our summary reports.

Sound level readings can be taken as well as data logging environmental space temperatures and humidity and airflow pattern visualisation via smoke testing.

By collecting information from these sources, we are able to provide an accurate performance rating of your systems, we can then work with you to remedy any areas where performance is below the required threshold or provide you with detailed recommendations for how to improve these poorly performing areas. We take pride in our level of service and believe that it is important to ensure you have the information required to ensure your systems performance is above the required threshold.

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Plant Proving, Environmental and Building Performance Testing

Air Change Rates, Pressure Cascades & Air Tightness Testing and Validation

We have a successful track record of setting up and validating air change rates and pressure cascades within commercial environments such as hospitals and pharmaceutical institutions, clean rooms, operating theatres, laboratory fume cupboards, microbiological safety cabinets, high containment and inhalation facilities. By monitoring and validating pressure cascades we can ensure containment or prevention of cross contamination.

Room leakage testing, also known as air tightness testing can be performed to record the integrity of the construction fabric and door seals, this is also applicable on floor pressurisation systems used in data centres, office developments and even bespoke buildings such as art galleries.

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Air Change Rates, Pressure Cascades & Air Tightness Testing and Validation