Water Commissioning

Water Commissioning

Professional Water System Testing, Validation and Cleaning Services

Water system commissioning is an important part of any project that involves a water system or construction of a building that contains one and is crucial to ensure that the environmental standards and conditions required by the designer and the end user are met.

At Comfort Services Group we regularly carry out work on a wide range of commissioning projects from water system commissioning and HVAC validation services to pre-commissioning checks and cleaning.

We provide a comprehensive, start to finish service which involves extensive testing and ensures that a new system is fully compliant with all required legal, regulatory, and governing standards, codes, and practices.

Comprehensive Commissioning Services

Commissioning is a necessary and vital test that is designed to prove that the design and installation of the water system has achieved a safe, energy efficient, and effective system capable of operating at optimum performance.

Water system commissioning is performed at the latter stages of a project in order to ensure that full checks are able to be carried out on the statically completed installation. The objective of any commissioning project is to take a system from static completion to full working order in line with the specified objectives and requirements.

At Comfort Services Group we make sure that our clients water systems are balanced and regulated and meet of the necessary project and regulatory requirements. Our team have years of experience carrying out water commissioning services across a wide range of industries, sectors, projects and businesses including;

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Residential
  • Hotel & Leisure
  • Local Authority

With a collaborative and proactive approach with water system commissioning, our engineers work to improve system efficiency, deliver cost savings and provide peace of mind for our clients.

Pre Commissioning Cleaning

In order to protect against corrosion, the growth of micro-organisms and blockages within a new water system, it is essential that pre commissioning cleaning is carried out prior to balancing.

Our team of pre-commissioning specialists are on hand to support clients with pipework flushing and pre-commissioning cleaning on construction projects across a wide range of both new build and refurbishments.

All of the flushing and cleaning services carried out by our expert engineers is done so in close collaboration with the designers and installation contractors, in accordance with BSRIA BG29 2020. All work is fully recorded, logged, documented and witnessed, with samples taken upon completion to confirm cleanliness. We will also recommend that additional samples are taken once at the completion stage to make sure that the system meets the requirements and continues to be regularly monitored and maintained throughout its lifecycle.

Our Expert Engineers

At Comfort Services Group, our professional commissioning services are carried out by fully trained, experienced engineers who ensure that your hvac systems performance is optimised, efficient and functioning correctly.

Our skilled team are able to accommodate the needs of any project from smaller systems to large, complex installations. No matter the size or scope of the project, our specialists can quickly identify any potential problems and come up with the effective solutions required to guarantee that all work is successful and completed to programme.

All of our commissioning services are carried out using state of the art, calibrated test equipment which we use to ensure that completed installations have been thoroughly inspected, tested, adjusted and regulated when they are handed over. This helps to demonstrate that they are set in accordance with the exact design specifications and comply with the proposed intent, aim and objective of the design.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Water Commissioning?

The term ‘commissioning’ refers to the process of bringing a water system into operation. The various steps of the commissioning process help to provide an essential link between the aspiration of the systems design and the reality of how it is capable of performing. The operational effectiveness of the water system will depend not only on the competence and skill of the designer and those who installed it but on the ability of those who are tasked with seeing that the systems function properly.

Our team provide professional engineering services for the testing, balancing, validating of and commissioning of various complex water systems in both new build and renovation projects and provide detailed reports that help clients to understand if the systems operate in line with the designs intent or what is required to achieve this.

What Does Commissioning Entail?

The goal of commissioning is to ensure and verify that a system meets the designers requirements and that the delivered project is as effective and efficient as possible while capable of achieving its design environmental conditions.

The commissioning process works by carrying out essential checks, flowrate measurement, regulation and verifications to guarantee that the installation meets the requirements of the design intent and project specification.