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    Plant Proving

    Plant Proving

    At Comfort Services Group, we are highly experienced in the thorough testing of new and established building engineering systems. Plant Proving can incorporate a number of performance and environmental tests and can be carried out immediately after commissioning or after the client has occupied the premises for a period of time. Allowing time to elapse before carrying out Building Performance and Environmental Testing can allow for any seasonal variations such as extreme heat/cold which may affect the operation of individual systems. The core purpose for plant proving is to ensure that the systems’ performance is in line with the original design brief and consistent with commissioning data. These performance tests are carried out by our team of highly-skilled and experienced engineers who can provide documentation to satisfy any necessary requirements or regulations.

    Thermal Imaging

    Thermal Imaging

    We use state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology in our performance testing and analysis. This non-intrusive methodology offers a fast, effective way of identifying any performance issues. Thermal imaging allows us to remotely monitor areas of a system which demonstrate unusually high or low temperatures. Areas of extreme temperatures can be an indication that parts of the system are not operating efficiently. These areas can then be addressed to ensure that the system is operating to the original design and in line with post-commissioning analysis. Thermal image testing creates a visual, photographic record which is used for analysis and form part of our reporting and certification.

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    Sound Level Testing

    Sound Level Testing

    As well as the use of Thermal Imaging technology in performance testing, we also incorporate Sound Level Readings into our analysis.  As with thermal imagery, the use of sound level readings can help to illustrate areas where a system may not be operating at full efficiency or where air flow may be restricted. Combined with other methods of building performance testing, the monitoring of sound level reporting allows our trained commissioning engineers to analyse and report on system performance.

    Air Flow Visualisation

    Air Flow Visualisation

    At Comfort Services Group, our experienced engineers are qualified to carry out Air Flow Visualisation Testing in line with all current industry regulations. Air Flow Visualisation testing uses a constant stream of synthetic, non-toxic smoke similar to that used for theatrical applications. This harmless smoke can then be fed into air systems to give a visual indication of air flow. Air flow visualisation testing is suitable for a variety of air systems and enables us to identify, at a visual level, where a system’s efficiency could be improved to bring it in line with the desired specification. Air flow visualisation is also used in system maintenance to identify areas where air leaks or a loss of pressure may result in a system running below the required level of performance.


    The collection of data through environmental and building performance testing allows us to provide an accurate performance rating for of your premises’ systems. We are then able to compare performance readings against expected levels based on pre-commission testing and the original design brief. We work alongside our clients to rectify any areas where a system is performing below the expected levels. We provide detailed reports and recommendations to ensure you are are best informed about the work required to bring the system to optimum operational performance.

    Comfort Services Group have over 25 years’ experience in the commissioning and testing of all common types of air and water systems. Our fully-trained engineers are experienced in plant proving and environmental and building performance testing. We have undertaken commissioning and testing projects within large office buildings, hospitals, research centres and even the flagship Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport. From the commissioning of air and water systems, to the performance testing and restoration of legacy systems, Comfort Services Group has the skills and experience to help you with your project. We pride ourselves on our level of service and will always work with you to find the best solution when testing or commissioning new and established systems.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Plant proving is a means of system testing, which can be carried out at any time, which checks how systems are performing. Plant proving can comprise of a number of both  performance and environmental tests which are carried out to ensure that the system is operating to its original design brief.

      Plant proving may be undertaken after the initial commissioning of a newly installed water system. Performance and environmental testing may also be undertaken at any time during the system’s operation. Often undertaking plant proving after a system has been running for a while we can achieve test results allowing for seasonal variations in performance.

      Engineers from Comfort Services Group are highly skilled and experienced in carrying out plant proving and can work with you to ensure that all relevant regulations and legal requirements are met.

      Thermal Imaging is a non-intrusive means of system testing which can be used when a system is suspected (or proving) not to be running in an efficient way. Running thermal imaging on a closed system can provide a fast, effective overview of where areas of the system are running below optimal performance.

      Thermal imaging shows where parts of the system are operating at a high temperature which can often be a sign that components are running ineffectively. Appropriate testing and maintenance can then be undertaken on these parts of the system in order to get the system running more efficiently. Addressing a system’s inefficiency can help save time and money for your organisation as well as providing environmental benefits.

      Unlike other forms of system testing, sound level testing is non-invasive and can be carried out with no impact on the system’s operation. Sound level testing works by measuring the sound levels at various stages in the system. An overly ‘noisy’ part of the system can indicate that a component is running inefficiently and causing a drop in system performance.

      Comfort Services engineers will use Air Flow Visualisation in order to identify and address any potential issues or inefficiencies within air systems. By feeding synthetic smoke into the system, the flow of air within that system can be visually tracked with any anomalies being identified and maintenance or reparatory work carried out.

      The smoke used by Comfort Services engineers is completely non-toxic and similar in nature to the type of smoke used in theatrical productions and will quickly dissipate with no residue once testing has been completed.



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