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    Validation of an air or water system can be required for many reasons. As well as carrying out thorough testing and commissioning of newly installed systems, at Comfort Services Group we offer verification and validation of established air and water systems. Validation is often required (or at least recommended) where an existing system has been dramatically altered or modified. It may also be that a property has been purchased, undergone a change of purpose or have been vacant for an extended period of time. In any of these examples it may be that a system has remained idle for a period of time and should be validated before being set to work again.

    Physical Inspection

    Physical Inspection

    Much like during the commissioning process, validation of an existing air or water system will follow a logical systematic process. A physical inspection of the system can be undertaken to ensure the system has remained compliant with all necessary regulations and policies. Our qualified engineers will identify and report on any part of a system which falls outside any legal regulation or the original brief and specification.

    “The team at Comfort Services Group were awesome when they carried out the Legionella Control works at our offices, they were very accommodating, Tom and the guys on site were a pleasure to work with. I would recommend the services of Comfort Services Group without reservation. Excellent First impressions with the Office Team, which was mirrored by the guys who did the work. Thanks guys.”


    Efficiency Testing

    Efficiency Testing

    During the validation process we will compile detailed test documentation which allows our engineers to accurately assess the efficiency of the system. This data is compared against the measurement of current performance and recommendations can then be made as to how the system can be brought in-line with the original brief. At Comfort Services Group we provide a complete range of system testing from the basic measurement of air and water right through to exhaustive performance monitoring.

    Water Sampling

    Water Sampling

    At Comfort Services Group, our validation services go far beyond testing the basic efficiency of your air and water systems. If the property operates closed chilled, condenser or hot water circuits (either LTHW or MTHW) we provide a water sampling service. Our microbiological water sampling services test for potability and Legionella. These water chemistry tests can be undertaken for both domestic and commercial systems and ensure the provision of safe, clean, drinking-quality water from your water systems.

    Chemical Testing

    Chemical Testing

    With any validation service, particularly when testing is being undertaken on large commercial systems, it is essential that all chemical testing is conducted in such a way as to provide maximum assurances of safety. With that in mind, all air and water system validation services carried out by Comfort Services Group include ductwork swabs and a full independent summary report via UKAS accredited laboratories.

    With more than 20 years experience, Comfort Services Group have the expertise to carry out validation testing of all types of air and water systems. Contact Comfort Services Group Ltd today to find out how we can help with your commissioning project.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Validation can be seen, in essence, as a secondary form of commissioning for systems that have already been operational within a building. Validation services are important in ensuring that existing systems are performing correctly and efficiently and that it is safe and effective to continue its operation.

      There are a number of situations where validation of an existing system should be carried out (or will, at least, be potentially beneficial);

      If a system has been inactive for a substantial period of time then validation may be required to ensure that a system is operating in-line with its original brief. This is likely to occur when a property has been vacant for an extended period and has only recently become reoccupied.

      When a system is modified outside of its original specification validation may be required in order to ensure that the system is still fulfilling its original brief or, where the purpose of the system has been changed, it is now fulfilling an amended purpose.

      If you have recently taken over and become responsible for a new building it may be that original commissioning, testing and maintenance records for the site’s air and water systems are unavailable or, at best, incomplete. At this stage validation can be essential to ensure that systems are running in accordance with Legionella Risk regulations.

      When undertaking validation on an existing (or newly modified) system there are number of forms of testing and inspection that we carry out: Our experienced engineers will undertake a physical system inspection to ensure that the system continues to meet its brief and in currently in-line with required regulation.

      Our Engineers will then carry out a diverse range of tests and assessments on the system to determine its current performance levels. This system testing will identify parts of the system which are not performing correctly and may need replacement or maintenance in order to optimise the performance of the system as a whole.

      Water Sampling and Chemical Testing will be undertaken in-line with Legionella Risk Assessment requirements. This part of our validation service helps to ensure that your obligations as property manager are met.



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