COVID-19 Surface Swab Testing is Now Available

Comfort Services Group now has test kits available, that allow us to analyse the presence or absence of COVID-19 on surfaces. The COVID-19 virus can stay suspended in the air in indoor settings for up to 16 hours and if the air is not diluted properly, it can fall and land on surfaces, living up to 72 hours, inreasing the chance of a person contracting the virus…In order to keep the tenants in your building safe and keep exposure to a minimum, utilising these tests is recommended.

The testing process is quick and simple. A trusted Comfort Services Group professional will come to your building, complete the swab test on your building surface, then send the sample to a laboratory, with the help of Latis Scientific, for analysis. Analysis turnaround is rapid – 48 hours – from the starting time within the laboratory. Once we receive the results, we will immediately alert you on the findings, then help advise you on the best next steps to take to ensure your building is properly sanitised. 

To have your surface tested to protect against the spread of COVID-19, contact us today.