How to save budget on School Maintenance

How to save budget on School Maintenance

When squeezed budgets mean difficult decisions, building maintenance and water hygiene often slips through the cracks. But what seem like a shrewd financial decision can become a costly mistake.

A recent article in Education Executive highlighted the importance of proactive facilities management.  There’s a clear warning that a short-term saving can lead to substantially higher costs and damages.

“The total cost for emergency repairs ran into the tens of thousands of pounds and when you compare this to what three years of maintenance would have cost at £1200/year…”

Be proactive with water hygiene

Spending some of your budget now on preventative efforts will save you a much larger sum in the future. Emergency repair costs are difficult to absorb – but a major setback can cost a school its reputation. It’s just not worth the risk to students.

Choose a qualified service provider

When you choose Comfort Services Group to support your on-site maintenance, you’ll get a partner that understands how to be flexible and work around busy school times. We’ll:

  • Remove the burden of Legionella control, paperwork and record keeping that your duty holder and maintenance teams bear
  • Give you a dashboard view of every asset, maintenance task, test and result through the Comfort Compliance system
  • Make life easier with clear visibility of your risk at-a-glance
  • Make sure nothing gets missed, saving you money in the long run

Get to know us better. Call us to discover how we can help or, if you’re not ready to speak, download our free guide to Legionella Risk Assessments and Compliance.  

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