Legionella Risk Assessment in East London

Comfort Service Group operate across North London and the South East, providing a comprehensive water testing, treatment and monitoring services including Legionella Risk Assessment. As members of the LCA (Legionella Control Association) we provide confidence for a number of London-based clients that many of their Health and Safety obligations are met.

With clients across East London, Comfort Services Group are experts in the commissioning, treatment and testing of hot and cold water systems. If you are responsible for the management of public or commercial building or for the Health & Safety of public visitors or employees, Comfort Services can help you to meet these obligations including important Legionella Risk Assessment. From commissioning to monitoring and recording, our wealth of expertise in hot and cold water systems ensures that your obligations as a landlord are met.

Comfort Services Group are members of the Legionella Control Association (LCA), a body of expert industry specialists providing peace-of-mind for our clients large and small. LCA membership is an assurance of experience, expertise and accreditation for the commissioning, monitoring and recording from hot and cold water systems including all-important Legionella Risk Assessment.

Wherever a public or commercial building has an integrated hot or cold water system, it will be the requirement of the landlord to ensure that a schedule of testing, monitoring and reporting is put in place in order to minimise the risk of Legionnella. Comfort Services group provide a comprehensive range of services to ensure that your requirements and obligations are met.

The primary purpose of Legionella Risk assessment and testing is to ensure that the spread of Legionella bacteria within hot and cold water systems is minimised. Legionella bacteria is the primary cause of legionnaires disease and the risk of spread is increased within certain complex water systems including systems where water is repeatedly recirculated and where water is stored at higher temperatures. Swimming pools, spas and hot tubs, for example, are at particularly high risk of Legionella.

Maintenance is also essential in ensuring that Legionella risk is adequately minimised. Poorly maintained water systems pose a particularly high risk of spreading Legionella throughout a building and increasing the risk of Legionnaires disease. Electing Comfort Services to manage your Legionella Risk, monitoring and control can ensure that the potential for Legionnella spread is minimised. Our system monitoring and record keeping is kept in accordance with, and complies to, the relevant legal standards (HSG274 & ACOP L8).

To find out more about how Comfort Services can help your East London business or organisation with Legionella Risk Assessment, water system commissioning, monitoring and record keeping then please get in touch today to discuss your requirements.