Legionella Risk Assessment in North London

Our LCA membership, combined with 16 years of experience and our fully qualified and knowledgeable engineers gives our clients confidence when appointing Comfort Services Group to manage their Legionella risk and control processes. We work with various businesses and organisations across North London to minimise their Legionella risk and to ensure that all their legal obligations are met.

Poorly maintained water systems can cause a high level of Legionella risk. Without adequate monitoring and control systems in place, bacteria can rapidly multiply and spread increasing the risk of the spread of Legionnaires disease. Not only will monitoring and recording help reduce the risk of the spread of Legionnaire’s, if you responsible for the management of a public building (or one occupied by employees), it is likely to form part of your legal obligations under the Health & Safety act.

Comfort Services’ system monitoring and record keeping is carried out in accordance with legal (ACOP L8 and HSG274) requirements. Our experience working with a diverse range of organisations and private businesses means we have worked on an diverse range of hot and cold water systems including highly complex systems where the risk of the spread of Legionella bacteria is particularly high. These ‘high risk’ systems are typically where water is typically stored at between 25 and 45°C and where water is continuously re-circulated.

If you are responsible for North London building(s) with integrated hot and cold water systems, Comfort Services can help to ensure that you meet your obligations as a landlord. This is essential as failure to meet your legal Health & Safety requirements can result in prosecution, a fine or further legal action being taken against you. Asides from commissioning, water testing and treatment services, Comfort Services can assist/advise in record keeping and ensuring that legal obligations are met.

Comfort Services Group, based in Colchester, are committed to delivering high standards to our clients across North London, London and the South East. If you are responsible for the management of buildings or facilities and for the health and safety of employees, residents or visitors and are unsure of your obligations then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help your business.

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