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Lord's Media Centre Case Study

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What the Project Entailed

Works consisted of full commissioning of the primary and secondary ventilation systems.

Lord's Media Centre Case Study

Specalist Treatment

Works were difficult due to the access required. Specialist equipment was required with health & safety being a top priority.

Lord's Media Centre Case Study

What We Brought to the Job

The building is a unique design and Michael J Lonsdale required our expertise to offer advice and assistance.

Due to the difficult access we assisted Michael J Lonsdale with the access strategy.

Lord's Media Centre Case Study

As part of a £4m refurbishment of the award-winning centre, we were asked to provide both commissioning and water treatment services.

Contractor: Michael J Lonsdale

Nature of client end user business:

The Lord’s Media Centre, offi cially known as the J.P. Morgan Media Centre for sponsorship reasons, is a building at Lord’s Cricket Ground.

The centre stands 15 metres above the ground and its sole support comes from the structure around its two lift shafts.

The Stirling prize-winning building is receiving its first makeover since its opening in 1999, with wide-ranging changes set to take place following extensive consultati on between MCC, the England and Wales Cricket Board, broadcasters and the Cricket Writers’ Club.

Project Location: London

Timing: Completed October 2015

Download Case Study