Environmental Testing, Humidity & Temperature Data-Logger Monitoring

Environmental testing and data loggers to meet the clients specification and production of detailed summary reports

Environmental Testing, Humidity & Temperature Data-Logger Monitoring

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    Application of Environmental Testing

    Environmental testing and data logging is becoming a more common requirement as part of the final handover to the client for new or refurbished buildings ranging from Commercial Office Space to High End Data Halls, Pharmaceutical Clean Rooms and Laboratory spaces. Carrying out these works ensures the mechanical and electrical systems have been commissioned correctly and proves the functionality of the system controls are capable of achieving and maintaining the design parameters, often tested during set-back “stable conditions” and then at “various heat load / cooling load intervals” giving the client peace of mind. It is an accurate non analog way to measure, take readings and record real-time temperature data, relative humidity readings of both internal and external ambient conditions.

    Comfort Services Group are a specialist water treatment provider and offer a range ofwater quality testing on the water supply networks that include Anglian Water, Thames Water, Affinity Water, Essex & Suffolk Water and other water boards.

    Environmental testing and data logging to meet the clients specification

    Comfort Services Group are a leading independent commissioning and water treatment company and one essential part of our works is undertaking environmental testing with use of small portable battery operated self contained data loggers, this in many instances follows successful completion of the bms setting to work, hvac commissioning, air and water systems balancing and the water systems flushing treatment process.

    Our hands on commissioning team have vast experience conducting environmental tests and data logging to meet the clients specification requirements and producing a detailed report detailing our temperature and humidity monitoring of environmental conditions over a set duration period.

    “The team at Comfort Services Group were awesome when they carried out the Legionella Control works at our offices, they were very accommodating, Tom and the guys on site were a pleasure to work with. I would recommend the services of Comfort Services Group without reservation. Excellent First impressions with the Office Team, which was mirrored by the guys who did the work. Thanks guys.”


    Why data loggers are needed?

    Data acquisition of this nature will lead to data analysis which will highlight any calibration faults with equipment or an instrument used for temperature and humidity measurement, bms control loops or poor sensor locations, ultimately saving time and money to get the client on-board to use monitoring applications on a more routine basis to monitor the behaviour of the heating, ventilation and AC systems.

    Benefit of using data logger Instruments

    Comfort Services Group use battery operated dataloggers which are extremely portable to conduct temperature and humidity recordings, these come with an usb interface and are completely weather sealed for outdoor use although sheltered locations are preferred, maximum & minimum alarm limits can be set with a led indicator for a quick visual notification for when these have been passed.

    Each logger is plug-and-play and can be connected to a PC or laptop via a USB data connection to individually input required via software to configure channel and store data collection. We have worked on numerous projects ranging from requiring 1 standalone logger up to 150 units sampling internal and external satellite locations.

    Data Acquisition

    We also have provide our clients with wireless data loggers option for indoor and outdoor for more rugged conditions. Wireless connection from any local browser gives the huge advantage of unlimited users to remotely access real-time data from the convenience of their desk interface.

    Our engineers are specifically trained experienced in where to and not locate individual data logger module as to no be effected by any vibration, be a signal interference from any similar piece of equipment appliance in the vicinity to give all-round reliability

    Deployment of datalogging has multi-function benefits to enable dedicated data to be downloaded to display either graph format or optionally easily export in excel or csv formats. Downloaded data can also be kept in house for maintenance purposes as part of their planned maintenance integration programme to automate checks for probe output checks.

    Comfort Services Group continue to look for different ways to integrate new technology or software to make all of our services more efficient whilst maintaining our high detailed standards throughout, contact us and speak with our great team to find out how our services can be of benefit.

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