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Replacement of Hollow Supports

Replacement of Hollow Supports within Cold Water Storage Tanks
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Hollow Supports within CWST and the Risks

It has been found that the internal supports in cold water tanks can hold stagnant water that can allow biofilm and slime growth which can harbour micro-organisms such as Legionella and Pseudomonas. The use of uncapped PVC-U pipes (or similar) within cold water tanks as a support structure for the lid is likely to lead to stagnation and harbouring of harmful micro-organisms. 

The UK Department of Health Alert (EFA/2013/004) issued on 19th November 2013, has highlighted an issue with cold water storage tanks which indicates that hollow tank supports are no longer permitted in cold water storage tank installations. This is also supported by the new ACoP L8 legislation provided by the Health and Safety Executive. 

Hollow internal supports restrict the movement of water, allowing bacteria to form within a cold water storage tanks. Tanks that contain hollow supports have been identified by the HSE and EFA as providing an environment in which water can stagnate. The presence of stagnant water is likely to encourage the growth of Legionella bacteria above the recommended risk levels. This would then present the risk of the entire domestic water system becoming contaminated. The Hollow Supports should be removed to eliminate possible contamination and replaced with ‘clean’ solid supports, i.e. ones without cavities, crevices or details allowing water to stagnate and harbour micro-organisms. 

Replacement of Hollow Supports

How can we help?

Comfort Services Group can provide the hollow support replacement service and at the same time offer cleaning and disinfecting of the internal surfaces of the cold water storage tank, which will eliminate the risk of stagnation and contamination from Legionella bacteria. 

Replacement of Hollow Supports

Contact Comfort Services Group for help with investigation and any remedial actions that may need to be taken. Our team of expert engineers can advise on the best solutions for your home or business and our bespoke services are created at your request and are most competitive and cost effective.

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