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Ultrasonic Flow Measurements

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Ultrasonic Flow Testing

At Comfort Services Group Ltd Services Ltd our experienced engineers carry out Ultrasonic Flow Measuring on existing water systems. Ultrasonic Flow Measurements allow us to obtain, analyse and report on system flow data without a traditional differential manometer. This non-intrusive form of flow testing is perfect for when accurate velocity measurements are required but the system may be older or have blocked commissioning devices.

Comfort Services Group Ltd employ the latest Ultrasonic Flow Meter technology to calculate volume flow. The use of the latest technology in our Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Testing ensures we can provide accurate and confident reporting. Our experienced, qualified engineers can use this testing to identify areas of the system where improvements/repairs are required to bring the specification back in line with the original system design.

Ultrasonic Flow Testing

How it Works

Non-Intrusive Ultrasonic Measuring is achieved by analysing the velocity of a liquid using sound waves which, in turn, allows volume flow to be calculated. By using a constant beam of emitted ultrasound, the difference in transit time for each pulse is measured to determine the average velocity. Data can be recorded to a high level of accuracy and, thanks to its’ non-intrusive nature, Ultrasonic Flow Measurements can be taken without any negative effect on system performance.

Testing Liquid Flow

Further Uses

Thanks to the accuracy of the equipment used, Ultrasonic Flow Measuring from Comfort Services Group Ltd can be used in Custody Transfer. Custody Transfer is the process by which the transfer of an expensive fluid has to be accounted for and recorded with a consistently high accuracy level. Asides from the logistical benefits of not having to install a static manometer, the non-invasive nature of Ultrasonic Flow Testing makes it suitable for applications where traditional methods cannot be used. By operating outside of the pipe, Ultrasonic Flow Testing can be used to measure fluids which are corrosive, abrasive or sanitary or fluids which are at exceptionally high temperatures or pressures.

Ultrasonic Flow Meter Uses

At Comfort Services Group Ltd our accredited engineers are trained and experienced in the carrying out of Ultrasonic Flow Measurement testing. We have over 14 Years’ experience in commissioning and water treatment services and have a diverse commercial client base including educational establishments, industrial and commercial properties and even the flagship new terminal at Heathrow airport. Contact us today and find out how we can help with your project.

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