Cold Water Tank Cleaning and Disinfection
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Cold Water Tank Cleaning and Disinfection

Prevent bacteria growth in your Cold Water Tanks

Cold water tank cleaning and disinfection is among the variety of services aimed at eliminating the risk of Legionella and a number of other bacteria growth in your property’s water systems. As legionella bacteria is prone to growing in stagnant water, it makes your cold water storage tanks one of the more likely places where harmful bacteria may appear. Water also can quickly become contaminated by a range of bacteria if cold water storage tanks are maintained poorly or irregularly. According to Legionnaires' Disease Technical Guidance HSG274 provided by Health & Safety Executive (HSE), cold water storage tanks require annual inspections, which would reveal if cleaning, disinfection, repair or even replacement is necessary.

As a result, keeping your cold water tank clean and properly maintained will remove the favourable conditions in which the bacteria can grow, including biofilm, sediment, corrosion or scale. It will also eliminate the risks of the rest of the water system getting infected due to a poorly maintained water tank.

Prevent bacteria growth in your Cold Water Tanks
How can Comfort Services Group help?

Comfort Services Group will inspect your cold water tanks and carry out remedial works where necessary and to the highest industry standards. As the cold water tank cleaning and disinfection process include isolating, inspecting, draining, cleaning, and refilling the tank, our fully-trained and highly experienced engineer team will make sure there is minimal disruption to our clients while the necessary works are carried out. Our engineers will work strictly following the project-specific method statements ensuring your systems compliance with ACoP L8 regulations.

How can Comfort Services Group help?

For more information about water treatment systems and water hygiene services, please contact Comfort Services Group, we will be happy to discuss your water treatment needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Tank Cleaning and Disinfection important?

Regular cleaning and disinfection of cold water tanks is important in limiting the growth of bacteria within your property’s water system. Amongst harmful bacteria that can multiply and spread through cold water tanks and systems is Legionella bacteria which is the primary cause of Legionnaires Disease.

Cold water tanks can harbour a wide variety of bacteria and, particularly in poorly maintained tanks, water easily and quickly becomes contaminated. Keeping a regular routine of cleaning, disinfection and maintenance of cold water tanks helps eliminate the conditions most likely to cause the growth of bacteria.

What legislation and guidance is there around Tank Cleaning and Disinfection?

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) provides guidance on the maintenance, cleaning and disinfection of cold water tanks. This guidance is covered by the HSG274 Legionnaires Disease Technical Guidance. This guidance document outlines the importance of water tank cleaning and maintenance alongside outlining your responsibilities as a landlord or someone responsible for the management of commercial buildings or properties.

What should I do next to ensure water tank cleaning is maintained?

If you are unsure what cleaning/maintenance is required for your water system and cold water tank then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Comfort Services Group. Our experienced engineers are able to advise on all aspects of commissioning, maintaining and monitoring of water systems. We can help to setup a schedule of routine maintenance of water systems and help you to ensure that recording is kept in-line with the relevant legislation and HSE guidance.