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Save time and money with an L8 Legionella management system
L8 Legionella Management control with Comfort Compliance

Gain L8 legionella management control with Comfort Compliance, our cloud-based management system that puts everything you need in one place. It will give you peace of mind, keeps records organised, while saving you time and money -  and giving you control over Legionella bacteria.

When you choose Comfort Services Group for your Legionella Risk Assessments and water sampling and quality testing, you gain a dashboard view of every asset, maintenance task, test and result. You gain clear visibility of your risk, at-a-glance, ensuring nothing gets missed.

Compliance dashboard of your assets

With Comfort Compliance, you get a dashboard view of your assets and maintenance. We’ll make sense of your systems, create an exhaustive asset register, then tailor a service schedule in accordance with L8.

Full visibility through your online dashboard:

  • View your Asset Register

  • View your upcoming maintenance schedule based on ACoP L8

  • See when maintenance tasks and testing have been completed, verified by barcode scanning on your assets

  • Review a complete audit trail, for everything

Compliance dashboard of your assets
Get ahead of Legionella compliance

Comfort Compliance helps you get ahead and take a more proactive approach to L8 legionella management. We will manage your scheduling and you’ll always know when your next sampling or inspecting event is due. With alerts based on maintenance events and outcomes, our qualified professionals can find and resolve the issues that may put you out of compliance before they escalate. So you get complete peace of mind, safe in the knowledge you’re meeting your obligations.

Get ahead of Legionella compliance
Record and report on every detail

Comfort Compliance also increases accountability and gives you confidence that your compliance is being taken care of. From our initial legionella risk assessment to cataloguing your assets, conducting maintenance and testing samples in our UKAS-registered lab, every interaction is tracked and logged.

Maintenance is even linked to your individual assets using barcodes, so you can see where work has been completed. It’s a system that supports 100% accountability and transparency - so you can see how what we’re doing to keep you compliant at every stage.

Record and report on every detail

Get a clear view of L8 compliance 
and let us help you reduce the risk of legionella.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of Comfort Compliance?

Comfort Compliance helps you, as the person responsible for maintenance and Legionella Risk Assessment, that your responsibilities are met whilst saving you time. Comfort Compliance helps you and your organisation gain and maintain L8 Legionella management control and ensure that record keeping is kept in accordance with all relevant guidance and legislation.

How does Comfort Compliance work?

Comfort Compliance provides an easy-to-navigate dashboard which incorporates all the important data about your water system maintenance and Legionella Risk Assessment. The Comfort Compliance dashboard allows you to view, monitor and track every asset, maintenance task, test and result. This ‘at a glance’ view can help you, or whoever is responsible for LRA, ensure that important testing and maintenance is kept upto-date. Ensuring that responsibilities are met in-line with guidance and legislation is essential and failure to do so can result in prosecution and sanctions including fines and civil action.

How do I implement Comfort Compliance?

Contact Comfort Commissioning today and start saving time and energy in the monitoring, treatment and recording of Legionella Risk Assessment. From setup to ongoing support, we can provide a complete package of Legionella Compliance with our innovative Comfort Compliance dashboard.