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One partner for compliant water systems
Water hygiene services, monitoring and reporting
Water treatment to improve system performance and lifespan
Absolute visibility with Comfort Compliance
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One partner for compliant water systems

As a busy Facilities Manager, it’s hard to even keep track of all the parts of your water system - let alone handle compliance, scheduled sampling, and maintenance.

With Comfort Services Group, get a single partner to take care of it all. Our specialist expertise means we can take the stress away, leaving you to focus on the rest of your building with confidence that you’re compliant with relevant legislation.

It’s a way to free your time, tap into expert knowledge, and maximise system performance and lifespan. All just a phone call away.

Water hygiene services, monitoring and reporting

Water hygiene services, monitoring and reporting

Informed decisions about FM start with complete information. With our water hygiene services, our professional engineers can grow your intelligence, help you make the right decisions, then put your hygiene processes into practice.

Our comprehensive Legionella Risk Assessments build a profile of your risk, starting with creating a clear overview of your systems. We’ll highlight where legionella is most likely to grow, take water samples, and test for bacteria at our UKAS-approved labs. It’s everything you need to meet your legal responsibilities and meet L8 Legionella control standards and HSG274.

We can also conduct ongoing water sampling and hygiene works, ensuring the cleanliness and safety of the water that runs through your facilities.

Water treatment to improve system performance and lifespan

Water treatment to improve system performance and lifespan

An inefficient, underperforming water system wastes your time and money. With water treatment from Comfort Services Group, we’ll keep your systems at peak performance while controlling harmful bacteria like Legionella.

Our water treatment services include:

But while our water treatment services are diverse, what sets us apart is our expertise - not just of water treatment, but of your systems. As a result, we’ll help you plan the services you need, easing your workload even further.

Absolute visibility with Comfort Compliance

Absolute visibility with Comfort Compliance

Designed to save you time and money, Comfort Compliance is our cloud-based L8 legionella management system. From a simple dashboard, you can see everything from water testing outcomes to scheduled maintenance - 100% accurate records with no need for confusing stacks of paper.

  • View your Asset Register

  • View your upcoming maintenance schedule based on ACoP L8

  • See when maintenance tasks and testing have been completed, verified by barcode scanning on your assets

  • Review a complete audit trail, for everything

Paired with our hands-on expertise, Comfort Compliance gives you visibility of your risk at-a-glance, so you can be certain that nothing gets missed.

We help Facilities Managers save time
without compromising on water safety and quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Comfort Services Group help facilities managers?

Facilities Managers have a large number of duties and responsibilities. Ensuring water systems are compliant with the all the relevant regulations is essential in ensuring that your obligations are met. This involves a system of compliance, water sampling and system maintenance.

Comfort Services Group are here to lift the burden of water system compliance from Facilities Managers. By partnering with Comfort Services Group we ease this burden by ensuring all the relevant legislation is met, taking all the stress away and leaving you free to undertake other pressing duties.

What does the process involve?

Ensuring that all appropriate legislation is met involves developing an efficient process of monitoring, testing and maintenance of water systems. We will consult with you to help grow your understanding of the processes surrounding our water hygiene services and Legionella Risk Assessments. This helps you, not only to build your knowledge, but also make the right decisions when putting systems and processes in place.

Starting with a Legionella Risk Assessment we will, by creating an overview of your systems, pinpoint the areas of your water systems where the risk of Legionella is highest. We will then setup a series of water tests which take samples rom the system to be tested at our labs for bacteria.

From setup and risk assessment to ongoing testing and maintenance we can ensure that all your legal and regulatory requirements around Legionella risk are met.

What water treatment services does Comfort Services provide?

In addition to ensuring that your legal and regulatory requirements are met, Comfort Services Group also help to ensure that your water systems run optimally and effectively. By ensuring that systems are running effectively and peak performance is maintained you can help prevent the loss of time and money associated with poorly maintained and inefficient water systems.

To help ensure your water systems run at peak performance and that Legionella risk in minimised, Comfort Services Group provide an extensive range of water treatment services including:

  • Dual Sampling
  • Pre-Commission Pipework Cleaning
  • Closed Loop System Management
  • Chemical Cleaning and Dosing
  • Cleaning and Disinfecting
What is ‘Comfort Compliance’ and what are the benefits of using it?

Comfort Compliance is a user-friendly system which makes Legionella Risk Assessment, system testing, maintenance and record keeping simple and easy to manage. Keeping accurate records is essential when ensuring that your obligations as Facilities Manager are met (without relying on complex and, often, unruly paperwork).

Comfort Compliance software allows you to view scheduled and required maintenance, view your asset register and review a complete audit trail. Adding Comfort Compliance software to our hands-on treatment, testing and maintenance services helps you ensure that, as Facilities Manager, your systems are efficient, Legionella risk is minimised and your regulatory obligations are met.