Sanosil  An Effective, Safe and Environmentally Friendly Biocide
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Sanosil An Effective, Safe and Environmentally Friendly Biocide

Clean, safe and eco-friendly biocide.

What is Sanosil?

Comfort Services Group is constantly on the look out for new, better products when it comes to water treatment. New scientific evidence is constantly being gained and new products and methods are being developed to help us fight the small, yet most dangerous enemies. An intensive research in this highly competitive market has been in progress for a considerable amount of time. Every day, at work and in our homes, we are exposed to countless microorganisms that can affect our own health. The biggest challenge is to find a disinfectant that is effective, but in the same time safe and ecological. Sanosil disinfectant combines all of these.

Sanosil is an eco-friendly, multi-component oxidizing biocide scientifically formulated using a stable combination of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and silver (Ag) ions to create a highly effective sanitising solution.

What is Sanosil?
Areas of Application

The combination between the hydrogen peroxide and silver is so effective that it creates a biocide twenty times more powerful than that of hydrogen peroxide alone. This simple, yet very effective water disinfectant can be used for biological control virtually in any application, whether for drinking water or within air-conditioning plants, cooling towers, swimming pools, in the hospitals and pharmaceutical industry, food and drinks industry and on livestock farms. 

In simple terms, this product is widely used for sterilization of domestic services but has the benefit that it can be left in the system and drunk safely as when it breaks down it turns into hydrogen (water) and oxygen.

Sanosil disinfectant is effective against all kinds of bacteria, viruses, yeasts, moulds and spore formers. It is also very effective against Legionella pneumophila, the cause of Legionnaires’ disease. Historically, hot and cold water systems were the most common culprit for outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease, with more cases being caused each year by hot and cold water systems than cooling towers. Thanks to better maintenance and the stricter treatment regimes laid out in the HSE’s Approved Code of Practice L8, we have seen fewer Legionella outbreaks caused by hot and cold water systems in recent years.

Sanosil represents a new generation of clean, safe, eco- friendly biocides for the effective control of micro-pathogens including Legionella, E.Coli, Pseudomonas, Influenza A and B, Campylobacter, Salmonella, MRSA, VRE and other bacterial, viral and fungal infections, on both hard surfaces and in water systems. 

Areas of Application

•Broad-spectrum efficacy
•Effective at water temperatures of 0°C – 95°C
•Easy-to-use, keeping the operating costs low
•Easy-to-dose using standard equipment
•The pH value is not altered by the application in the recommended concentration
•No harmful by-products and environmentally friendly - practically 100% degradable breaking down to water and oxygen
•Very effective against Legionella pneumophila
•Long-term effectiveness: reliably prevents recontamination
•Very low corrosive effect
•Has no toxic effect in its diluted state
•Does not create odour or alter the taste 
•The product is non-inflammable


Keep your hot and cold water systems free of microbiological contaminants! Learn how adding our Sanosil services to your treatment measures can help improve the success in handling your microbiological control concerns. Contact Comfort Services Group to help you with the Sanosil disinfectant measurements and regulations, we provide complete treatment programs at both domestic and commercial water systems. Our team of expert engineers can advise on the best solutions for your home or business and our bespoke water treatment services and water hygiene programs are created at your request and are most competitive and cost effective. We are market leaders when it comes to Sansosil services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sanosil?

Sanosil is a versatile, simple water disinfectant that can be used for effective biological control, whether for drinking water or within air-conditioning plants, in the pharmaceutical industry or on livestock farms. One of the reasons Sanosil is so effective is that it has a two-phase effect based around its two main ingredients, which are hydrogen peroxide and silver. This product is frequently used to purify water in a range of commercial and industrial environments.

At Comfort Services Group, we have a great deal of experience in helping our clients benefit from Sanosil services to maintain the highest standards of water safety.

How do you use Sanosil?

Sanosil can be diluted during the water treatment process. When Sanosil disinfectant is applied via dosing, this needs to be done with a proportional dosing system. Even small doses of Sanosil can deliver high levels of efficiency. It can be used to treat drinking water equipment, tanks and water chambers, pipes and irrigation systems.

It is highly effective in the prevention of Legionella. We have vast experience in using Sanosil to help our clients improve the safety of their water-based systems. Sanosil disinfectant is tasteless, odourless and colourless. It doesn't require rinsing and does not foam.

What's in Sansoil?

Sanosil is peroxide-based rather than chlorine-based. It is a clear solution that is odour-free. Sanosil breaks down in water and oxygen and reaches all surfaces when used as part of the fogging process. The product is particularly effective at killing bacteria, mould, viruses and fungi. The main two ingredients in Sanosil disinfectant are silver and hydrogen peroxide. These ingredients combine to kill dangerous microorganisms.

If you require any further information on the benefits offered by Sanosil, free to contact us today.