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    Treating Your Water System

    Ensuring that a water system is properly cleaned, hygienic, well maintained, compliant and safe is something that should be handled by experienced professionals with the right skills, products and equipment to proficiently carry out treatment.

    At Comfort Services, our reliable, cost effective water treatment service ensures that everything is taken care of so that our customers can have complete peace of mind in knowing that their system is safe.

    Our expert engineers know exactly where within a water system to obtain accurate samples from and use them to test and analyse the water. This not only helps us to fully comprehend any contamination but what type and how much there is which provides vital information that is used to create an effective treatment plan.

    For systems with high levels of microbial growth, bacteria, viruses or parasites, our specialists produce a tailored treatment plan customised to the systems unique needs in order to effectively clean, disinfect, flush or descale where required. Once the treatment is complete, we will retest to make sure that the system is compliant to the required standards and regulations.

    In order to prevent water systems from developing unwanted problems or scheduled treatment slipping through the cracks, our experts can create an effective management plan. This can cover everything from ongoing monitoring, testing and maintenance to any treatments required in order to keep the system healthy and compliant.

    Our team of trusted engineers are experienced, well trained and knowledgeable across a wide range of water treatment services, all of which are delivered to the highest standards ensuring that your water system is safe and working at its best.

    Water Treatment Specialists

    If you require water treatment services in Basildon and are looking for a professional, reputable company who you can count on then contact Comfort Services today.

    Our friendly team of advisors will be happy to answer and questions you may have, provide advice and guidance on what your system needs or help book you in for a visit from one of our professional engineers.

    “The team at Comfort Services Group were awesome when they carried out the Legionella Control works at our offices, they were very accommodating, Tom and the guys on site were a pleasure to work with. I would recommend the services of Comfort Services Group without reservation. Excellent First impressions with the Office Team, which was mirrored by the guys who did the work. Thanks guys.”


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      Frequently Asked Questions

      This will depend on the type of water system as different types of systems will often involve different tools or products and have different levels of what is deemed as ‘safe’. For example drinking water is obviously required to be extremely clean and would require certain methods or chemicals to ensure that it is safe.

      If you are accountable for a water system, then it is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly as it can affect the health of everybody in its vicinity as well as the building or business for which it is used. When it comes to water systems it is best to obtain professional advice from a reputable, qualified expert who will be able to thoroughly and accurately test, assess and treat the system in order to ensure safety and compliance.

      Some of the methods and treatments used to clean water can include – chemical cleaning, disinfecting agents, chemical descaling and system flushing or a combination of these if required.

      Different water treatments are required depending on the complexity size and type of system involved but most of them work with the same goal in mind which is to remove impurities, contaminants and pollutants from the water in order to make it safe.

      Initial testing is always beneficial not only to identify what needs treating and what type will be most effective but to get levels on any contaminates in order to be able to properly monitor and test again after treatment to ensure that it has worked.

      Some of these water treatments work by breaking down, killing or eliminating contaminates, some by filtering or flushing them out and others by ensuring that the water is hygienic, clean and at safe levels in line with legal requirements.

      There are a number of ways that individuals and businesses can help to take care of their water tank, such as;

      –          Appoint an appropriate, responsible person who will take responsibility for the water tank and ensure that it is regularly inspected and cleaned if required.

      –          Carry out regular risk assessments to help identify and potential issues and resolve them before they can cause harm or become a problem.

      –          Obtain the services of a professional external company to undertake the necessary testing, treatment, maintenance and monitoring of the tank.

      If you are unsure of what is required, then seek advice from a specialist who will be able to advise you on what is best for you particular water tank.