Water Treatment in Essex

Water Treatment in Essex

At Comfort Services Group we deliver professional, reliable water treatment, testing, management and monitoring services throughout Essex and the surrounding areas.

Our experts know better than most, exactly how important it is to ensure that the water systems within a business are sufficiently maintained, effectively cleaned and regularly checked. Whether it’s an industrial heating system, drinking water for a commercial building or a water system used for production or manufacturing, it is crucial that organisations take the necessary measures to ensure compliance, protect their business and keep people safe.

With a team of dedicated and knowledgeable engineers, we provide comprehensive water treatment services from consultation to completion, offering professional guidance and practical, cost effective solutions on how to get the most from your water system.

Water System Specialists

Our skilled engineers have years of experience working on a wide range of water systems from simple domestic units to complex industrial systems and everything in between across a variety of industries, sectors, and businesses.

Just some of the types of water systems we regularly work with and the kinds of treatment typically 

  • Cold Water Storage Tanks - Cleaning and disinfecting, Legionella and hygiene monitoring, sampling, training, and risk assessments.
  • Hot & Cold Water Systems - Legionella and hygiene monitoring, disinfection, sampling, and risk assessments.

Professional Water System Services

When it comes to water systems, microbiological & corrosion control is key and whether it’s for drinking water, an HVAC system or something else, it is vital that they are properly and regularly treated, tested, and monitored in order to keep them safely maintained and working effectively.

With years of experience working across various forms of water hygiene, our specialist team provide a wide range of domestic, commercial, and industrial water system treatment services in Essex including;

  • Chemical treatment services
  • Water system management
  • Water system testing & quality sampling
  • Chemical descaling
  • Dual sampling & system monitoring services for landlords
  • Closed circuit pre-commissioning system cleaning & flushing

If you are unsure of what exactly your water systems require then do not worry, our expert engineers can help to assess your systems for you and work to create a tailored service plan designed to treat your water safely and effectively. Every service we carry out is completed to ensure compliance with the current L8 ACOP (approved code of practice) standards, HSG274 Guidance, British Standards, and Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA) specifications.

Working With Us

When a water system is left unchecked and improperly maintained, it can develop scale build up, microbiological growth and corrosive water which can not only lead to inefficiencies and higher running costs but put the system at risk of causing fatal diseases such as Legionnaires disease.

At Comfort Services, we utilise the latest tools, products and techniques to deliver high quality water treatment services to our customers throughout Essex, London and the South East. Our professional team of engineers are experts at what they do and work to diagnose, clean, repair, treat and maintain systems quickly and effectively for our customers, providing complete peace of mind in knowing that their water systems are in safe hands.

If you would like to know more about our water treatment services in Essex or have any further questions, then do not hesitate to get in touch and one of our friendly advisors will be happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reduce the risk of a contaminated water system?

If a risk is not identified, then it cannot be prevented. Carrying out regular risk assessments is an effective way to help you take control of your water systems health & safety measures.

Risk assessments not only help to identify potential issues which can then be resolved before they become a problem, but with careful planning, adherence to the correct guidelines and thorough strategies, they can make management of the system easier, more efficient and compliant with necessary regulations.

Risk assessments can be carried out in house or for peace of mind, with the use of a professional external company who should also be able to help with testing, treating, maintenance and ongoing monitoring of the systems, as and when required.

What type of water systems most require treatment?

It is important that all types of water systems undergo regular checks and maintenance to ensure the safety of the water and the overall efficiency of the system.

The environment caused by certain types of water systems however can mean that they are typically more likely to require regular treatment. This includes larger or more frequently used systems as well as certain types such as - cooling towers, hot & cold water systems, evaporative condensers, humidifiers and spa baths.

Depending on the type of system that is involved, its size and complexity, the water treatment and requirements for testing, maintenance and monitoring will differ.

Why are water system treatments important?

Systems that contain untreated water can easily become contaminated if they are left unchecked without the correct maintenance, testing and treatments required to keep the water safe. When water systems are left without regular inspections, the water can turn stagnant, polluted with build ups of rust, scale, fertilisers, excrement and heavy metals as well as becoming a breeding ground for viruses, parasites and bacteria.

Even if the water itself is not going to be consumed by humans, contaminated water systems can still carry and cause harmful waterborne illnesses such as Legionnaires disease which can be inhaled through aerosolised water droplets and can be fatal for some.

Not only can the affected waters prove to be dangerous for people but things such as scale build up and corrosion can make systems less effective, prone to breaking or requiring replacement parts which can be extremely costly and inconvenient for businesses.