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    Based in Colchester, we are proud to deliver cost effective, high quality water treatment solutions for customers across Essex, London and the South East.

    If you have any questions or would like to find out more about our water treatment services in London, then do not hesitate to get in touch and one of our friendly advisors will be happy to help you.

    London Water Treatment Services

    At Comfort Services, our team of professional engineers have years of experience delivering comprehensive water treatment services for clients across a diverse range of sectors and trades from restaurants, hospitals, offices and schools to leisure facilities, hotels, industrial factories and more.

    Our cost effective water treatment services set the standard in the industry, providing peace of mind and saving you time and money by taking care of everything when it comes to water system safety.

    Some of the water system treatment services we provide include;

    “The team at Comfort Services Group were awesome when they carried out the Legionella Control works at our offices, they were very accommodating, Tom and the guys on site were a pleasure to work with. I would recommend the services of Comfort Services Group without reservation. Excellent First impressions with the Office Team, which was mirrored by the guys who did the work. Thanks guys.”


    What Is Water Treatment?

    In the modern day, water still remains a huge component of a wide range of systems for both commercial and domestic applications as well as industrial production, manufacturing and more. Anywhere that there is water there is the potential for contamination, whether it’s from a build-up of scale, corrosion, rust and debris or the environment has facilitated high levels of bacteria, viruses and parasites.

    These issues can result in a less efficient system, more breakdowns, frequent need for repairs or replacement parts and a shorter life span of equipment, all of which cost money. Not only are they bad for business but even if the water in question is not consumed by humans, in areas where contaminated particles can become aerosolised it makes it easy for them to be inhaled and that can be very dangerous.

    Our water treatment services are designed to ensure that your water systems are safe, clean, maintained and working as efficiently as possible. Using the latest industry techniques, tools and equipment we can assess, test, diagnose and treat a wide range of water systems and put in place tailored maintenance and monitoring plans to ensure that it remains safe, and compliant with the necessary regulations.


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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Depending on what type of water systems it is how it is utilised within your business or property, there are many benefits to obtaining professional water treatment services.

      – A contaminated system is an inefficient system. Ensuring that it is cleaned, maintained and free of scale, rust and similar build ups can help keep your systems running at optimum capacity, resulting in lower the running costs.

      – When water systems are not properly maintained or treated they often breakdown more frequently, need more repairs and new parts or completely replacing altogether which is extremely costly but can be prevented with ongoing maintenance.

      – In the event that someone was to become unwell or there was an outbreak from your water system then you could be held liable if you have not taken every reasonable step to help prevent it. Protect yourself, your business and those around you by making sure everything is professionally checked, tested and treated.

      If you are own or are in charge of a building, business, premises or facility then under general health & safety laws you have to take every reasonable action to ensure that the water systems within them are safe and pose no threat to the people around them.

      It is your responsibility to;

      –          Identify and assess potential sources of risk.

      –          Create a plan or course of action for preventing or controlling potential risks.

      –          Implement and manage the plan ensuring that an appropriate ‘responsible person’ has been appointed to be managerially responsible for the system.

      –          Keep accurate records.

      –          Schedule regular checks or repeat risk assessments to make sure they are not missed.

      In cases where an issue with the system has been identified or if you are unsure and want to be safe then it is always a good idea to seek help from a professional who can ensure your water is treated effectively.

      The types of methods used to treat a water system will depend on various factors including – what has been found during the assessment, the test results and the size, complexity and type of system. From this combined information, a specialist engineer will be able to come up with an appropriate treatment plan.

      This can include treatments such as disinfecting agents, chemical descaling, cleaning, system flushing and chemical treatments or a combination of 2 or more where required. When carried out properly these methods are extremely successful at resolving the issues and will work to improve the systems longevity and maintain cost effectiveness whilst ensuring that the water is safe and fit for purpose.