Water Treatment Services

Water Treatment Services

Ensure Compliance And Quality With Professional Testing And Monitoring

Water is an important and vital element for many businesses and its use is a fundamental component in the production and manufacturing process of millions of products worldwide. Whether its drinking water for a commercial office, a heating system for a large building or an industrial system in a factory, ensuring that your water is regularly tested and monitored is the key to keeping people safe and protecting your business.

At Comfort Services Group, our professional team of experienced and dedicated engineers are on hand to offer advice and guidance on your particular water system and work to deliver cost effective, tailored solutions for your project.

Keeping Your Water System Compliant

Failure to maintain your systems can often lead to serious problems including loss of system efficiency, build-up of scale deposits, corrosive water conditions and microbiological growth which can result in higher running costs and risks the development of several possibly fatal diseases such as Legionnaires’ disease in the water systems users.

Using the latest specialist tools, techniques and products, our professional water treatment services can be relied on to keep your system running efficiently, operating safely and staying compliant with relevant legislation. Compatible with both new and old systems, our products and services are suitable for commercial and industrial applications from cooling towers and boiler systems to chilled water, pre-treatment plants and more.

Professional Water System Management

Our team of specialist engineers have years of experience providing comprehensive water testing, treatment and management for clients across a wide range of sectors and trades. From offices and restaurants to schools, hospitals and industrial facilities, Comfort Services Group set the standard in the industry with our cost effective water treatment services.

If you want to find out more about our water treatment services or if you have any questions and would like to speak to someone then do not hesitate to get in touch and one of our knowledgeable advisors will be happy to help.

Testing Your Water System

Our highly trained engineers work to BSRIA BG29/2020 standards which underline the importance of Water Treatment, Water Testing and System Flushing. Your water systems require regular, careful and professional testing and monitoring to ensure compliance and quality.

With our water system quality testing and water treatment commissioning services, we deliver the essential maintenance and monitoring that are a crucial part of keeping cooling water, heating and various closed water systems healthy and performing at peak efficiency. Our team of professional engineers regularly carry out sample tests on a wide range of different water systems from internal and external water supplies to closed systems such as heating and chilled water.

All of our treatments are externally analysed by testing and inspection laboratories that are UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) approved, in order to guarantee the highest standards at all times. Initial indications and summary reports of chemical conditions can be provided on site after sampling, which help us to quickly identify any issues your water system may have and act quickly to resolve critical or urgent problems prior to receipt of our UKAS laboratory results. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Water Treatment?

Water treatment is the term that is used to describe the essential steps, processes, procedures and treatments that are used to clean, filter, purify or decontaminate water, in order to make it suitable for its end use. This may be eliminating potentially harmful elements or removing problematic substances from water for drinking, industrial purposes, irrigation, water recreation and many other uses.

There are various methods, products and processes involved in the treatment of different water systems and the type that is used will depend on the type of water system in question and what the end use of the water is.

Why Is Water Treatment Important?

Untreated water can contain any number of harmful contaminants from parasites, bacteria, fertilisers, pesticides, viruses, heavy metals, and even animal and human waste.

In relation to domestic water or drinking water, regular testing, treatment and maintenance is crucial in order to ensure that it does not contain harmful contaminants as well as waterborne illnesses such as Legionnaires disease which can pose a huge risk to peoples health.

For water that is used for industrial purposes such as manufacturing, systems that are not regularly treated can end up with serious issues caused by microbial growth, scale build up and corrosion which can make them inefficient and less effective.

What Methods Are Used To Treat Water?

There are various methods and products that can be used to treat water and the best type will depend on the waters end use, the type of system it is, and if it is being treated to target any particular issue such as recuring positive legionella tests etc.

Treatments can include chemical treatments, disinfecting agents such as Comfort509, chemical descaling and system flushing. Each of these methods has been designed to improve the systems so that they have more longevity, maintain cost effectiveness, perform better for longer and work at optimal efficiency whilst ensuring that the water is fit for purpose.