Closed Circuit Pre-Commission System Cleaning & Flushing
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Closed Circuit Pre-Commission System Cleaning & Flushing

Pre-Commissioning cleaning of pipework & treatment and flushing of pre-existing systems.
Water Treatments for Closed Loop Systems

 At Comfort Services Group, our dedicated engineers provide effective water treatment solutions for closed loop systems.

Using the latest techniques, tools and technology available, our team are on hand to deliver cost effective water treatments designed to improve your systems performance, reduce maintenance costs and keep it operating safely.

What Is A Closed Loop Water System?

Closed loop water systems are in simple terms, a closed circuit or loop of pipework that is designed to enable water to be circulated for cooling or heating purposes across domestic, commercial and industrial premises.

Because of the way they are designed the intention is for the same water to be retained in the system for long term periods, if not indefinitely.

Why Does The Water Need Treating?

Because the same water is circulated withing the system, over time without regular treatments, it will degrade and so will the system.

If at any point the systems requires a ‘top up’ of water this can also potentially affect the system with foulants, corrosion products and microbiological contaminants being introduced via oxygenated makeup water.

The inhibitor chemicals which serve as corrosion protection products degrade and dissolve into the system 

over time so they will also need monitoring at regular intervals (ie: quarterly) to ensure the minimum control level is maintained.

Without an effective water treatment program in place the build-up of contaminants over time can lead to blocked and decayed components, systems full of scale and diminished heat flow. This not only affects the efficiency of the system which costs more money, but the degrading of vital components will inevitably end up costing even more in replacements parts and repairs.

Closed Circuit Pre-Commission Systems Flushing

Newly installed pipework, for both heated and chilled closed systems, should be flushed of all debris that has built up during the installation process. This includes oils, dust and dirt from building work, rust and scale, all of which can be present within a newly installed system.

Ensuring your new installation has received a pre-commission system flush, will not only remove this unwanted debris, oil and grease from pipework and system parts, but will also help to ensure the longevity of your system. The use of our own, specifically designed and blended biocides and inhibitors will remove, and help to stop the build-up of rust, scale and other deposits that would naturally occur in an otherwise unflushed system.

Closed Circuit Pre-Commission Systems Flushing
Maintenance & System Performance

Over the lifespan of commercial and domestic heating and cooling systems, dirt and debris accumulates within the system. This can be due to a number of factors, including internal corrosion, scale build-up and fouling from Microbes within the system. This build-up of dirt and debris can reduce the longevity of the system and will impact its overall performance, which increases fuel costs for the system as it works harder to reach its optimum temperature. This reduction in the water system’s performance can, in turn, increase or even completely expunge the payback time expected from the system.

Initial commissioning and regular maintenance of hot and cold, closed water systems should be carried out to ensure a high level of performance is maintained and to help ensure the longevity of the system. Costing for initial commissioning and regular maintenance are very low when compared to the costing of the design and installation costs of the system, especially when considering the costing of subsequent repair work that could be required due to poor system maintenance.

Our experience in pre-commission systems flushing and maintenance of closed heating and chilled water systems allows us to provide you with the best service and advice. Our systems engineers can not only provide initial flushing and maintenance work, but will also provide you with information and guidance to help you ensure you’re getting the best performance and longevity from your water system. 

Maintenance & System Performance
Corrosion Prevention & Treatment

Many water systems are made from low corrosive materials such as copper or plastic, however there are still systems in place that predominantly feature materials which are more prone to corrosion. Systems that contain aluminium parts of pipework for example, will benefit from the excellent heat transfer properties of Aluminium, but as a ‘soft metal’ these systems will be susceptible corrosion. These systems pose a larger risk of damage resulting from corrosion and if left untreated, without regular maintenance, can result in sudden system breakdowns and a reduction in performance and longevity of boilers, chillers and heat exchangers attached to the system.

Systems which are highly susceptible to corrosion or have been left untreated should receive regular system flushing, to help remove and reduce the prevalence of deposits left by corrosion and prevent further system corrosion that could result in an unexpected system breakdown.

Corrosion Prevention & Treatment
Chemical Descaling

Scale build up is not only something that occurs in kettles, washing machines and around taps. Scale build up occurs in all water system components that come into contact with high temperature or harder water, as with a kettle, these deposits can reduce the efficiency of a system and decrease the longevity.

The build-up of scale on system parts such as calorifiers or boilers can be the root of a chain of system problems, including poor heating or cooling, increasing fuel bills and unexpected repair costs. Calcium deposits within the system reduce the efficiency of the heat transferral, which places strain on the entire system to reach its specific system temperatures. This strain reduces the longevity of heat exchangers and results in more regular replacements of heat exchangers, generally before their expected part lifetime.

This reduced heat transference problem is also compounded by an increase in system costs and in the system’s overall Carbon Footprint due to the increased fuel requirements needed to heat the system to its optimum temperature.

We undertake a range of Chemical Descaling Services, more information about our Chemical Descaling Services can be found on our Chemical Descaling Information page, alternatively get in touch via our contact form and we’ll be happy to help.

Chemical Descaling

We have a vast experience in the flushing and water treatment of brand new and existing water systems, including fit-out floors and other areas where careful control of water system quality is required, or where there is integration between existing landlord and current tenant areas.

We strive to maintain the highest standards demanded by our trade and perform all work efficiently and effectively, we also pride ourselves on the level of customer support we provide and our engineers regularly offer help and advice to ensure your system is preforming at its peak efficiency.