Comfort509 (Alternative to Chlorine Dioxide)
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Comfort509 (Alternative to Chlorine Dioxide)

The next generation of water treatment products.


Take your Legionella Control to the next level and contact us for a free quotation. Whether you need to control an infection, clear out your system of bacteria and biofilm, use the product as a replacement for temperature regime (running your hot water at <50°C) or as a secondary disinfection protocol, Comfort 509 is your option. 

Comfort Services Group can supply this product complete with bespoke dosing equipment fitted, commissioned and maintained in a single contract with peace of mind. All our service and maintenance can be uploaded onto our online compliance system for your access at all times.

The next generation of water treatment products.

Comfort509 (Alternative to Chlorine Dioxide) - The next generation of water treatment products.

If you are having problems with recurring Legionella-positive tests, high TVC or Pseudomonas results, this could be the answer. Whether you want to operate with hot water temperatures below those required by ACOP L8 and HSG 274 to save energy costs; protect users from scalding without the expense of fitting Thermostatic Mixer Valves or ensure your water system is hygienic and free from bacteria – this product is the answer. It sets completely new standards in legionella control.

With the EU banning ionisation because of the copper content a new Legionella strategy had to be sourced out where temperature control fails. This has led the UK to look for an alternative that does not cause detrimental damage to water systems and at the same time is dispersive and delivered proportionally. 

The next generation of water treatment products.
What is Comfort509?

Comfort509 is a new tried and tested product. As an odourless, tasteless chemical which is fully approved for dosing into potable water, it is specifically developed for use in water hygiene and pipework treatment applications, where it quickly eradicates legionella, pseudomonas and other microbes. 

This alternative to Chlorine Dioxide is a stable active halogen solution, which rapidly kills all bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores, and is highly effective in breaking down the biofilms which harbour these pathogens.

What is Comfort509?
Key Benefits

Practical research has shown this product to be fast acting; with regular use of the product means pathogens don’t return to water systems.  This product has helped a number of customers eliminate Legionella and pseudomonas problems from their water systems within days of being introduced.It is particularly effective for use in hospitals, food companies and various leisure facilities.

Key benefits are:

•High levels of microbial control and rapid biofilm removal at low volume concentrations
•Easy application via single dose system
•Simple to apply and test
•Low hazard classification
•Good safety and environmental profile
•Wide range of regulatory approvals
•Excellent in use compatibility
•Long shelf life
•Non corrosive at recommended dose rate
•Cost effective 
•User friendly

Key Benefits