New compliance software goes live!

Comfort Services Group Ltd are leaders in Legionella Risk Assessment testing and control. If you are responsible for any public or commercial building then it is imperative that you comply with the legislation for the identification and control of Legionella risk.

We have partnered with ZetaSafe Compliance Software to ensure our client’s premises remain compliant with the latest Legionella Risk Assessment regulations. The innovative and powerful software platform affords both Comfort Services Group Ltd and our extensive client base a real-time view of compliance levels. 

Asides from scheduling Legionella Risk Assessments, ZetaSafe allows ourselves and our clients to monitor, track and record data from all on-site testing and analysis. ZetaSafe Compliance Software can be used across a number of platforms and devices including laptops, smartphones and tablets. The innovative and intuitive Logbook software allows easy access to data records allowing for precise monitoring of any defects and control methods.

Current legislation requires that persons responsible for the premises keep all data from Legionella testing for a minimum of 5 years. By using ZetaSafe software, Comfort Services Group Ltd allow our clients to automate and simplify the recording of essential data and maintain compliance with Legionella Risk Assessment legislation. In many sectors, this requirement for record keeping can create an unmanageable amount of paperwork. ZetaSafe eliminates much of this paperwork and simplifies record keeping for organisations which have complex or extensive estates. This streamlining means Comfort Services Group Ltd and ZetaSafe software provides the perfect Legionella assessment combination for retail, healthcare or any organisation with multiple premises and complex systems. 

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Comfort Services Group Ltd and ZetaSafe are experts in Legionella Risk Assessment, Control and Recording. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business or organisation meet the regulatory requirements as laid out by current legionella risk control legislation.